Projects - Emerging Transportation Technologies, User Intentions, and Prevailing Inequities

Supervised Research Projects (as PI/Co-PI)

Impact of COVID-19 on Travel Behavior and Shared Mobility Systems

Sponsor: National Center for Transit Research (NCTR); Year: 2020

Role: PI; Amount: $26,888; Report

This project investigated the impact of COVID-19 on activity participation, trip making, and travel behavior using a nationwide stated preference survey that was disseminated by the PI. Analysis of the survey revealed the multitude of ways in which COVID-19 had impacted travel behavior, including residential location, vehicle purchase, telecommuting, trip making, and activity participation. Results also revealed how consumer preferences would alter regarding the use of shared mobility systems, considering the threat posed by the global health pandemic.

Toward a Florida Automated, Connected, Electric, and Shared (ACES) Transportation System Roadmap

Sponsor: Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT); Year: 2019-2021

Role: Co-PI; Amount: $200,000; Report

This project created a roadmap for incorporating ACES technologies into Florida DOT’s planning and policymaking efforts in the area of transformational technologies. Central to this project was creating a GIS-based database and activity viewer to serve as the storehouse of all ACES-related projects and efforts across the state. The activity viewer could serve as the foundation for knowledge and technology transfer, and the data, when made available, could be used by all stakeholders, including the public, to understand the state’s efforts in incorporating ACES technologies into our transportation system.

Research Projects as Task Lead

Florida Mobility Vision Literature Review and Survey

Sponsor: Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT); Year: 2021

Designed and developed the stated preference survey to elicit information from Florida’s transit riders on their attitudes, perceptions, and motivations to use transit for their trips. 

Attitudes Towards Emerging Mobility Options and Technologies

Sponsor: Teaching Old Models New Tricks (TOMNET, USDOT); Year: 2019-2020; Report

Design and development of stated preference survey and data analysis support on a nationwide effort to understand attitudes and preferences towards emerging mobility options and technologies. 

Campus Automated Shuttle Deployment Initiative

Sponsor: National Center for Transit Research (NCTR, USDOT); Year: 2017-2019; Report

Developing working relationships with autonomous shuttle operators to conduct a week-long demonstration on the university campus. Design and development of a stated preference instrument on public perceptions and attitudes towards automated shuttles based on a week-wide campus deployment.

Understanding Consumers’ Perceptions, Intended Adoption, and Anticipated Travel Behavioral Impacts of Autonomous Vehicles

Sponsor: University of South Florida (USF); Year: 2013-2017; Report

Design and development of multiple stated-preference surveys on understanding consumers’ perceptions, attitudes, preferences, and intentions to adopt autonomous vehicles; Also, investigations into the impact of autonomous vehicles on travel behavior and trip making. Led data analysis and econometric modeling efforts.