Nikhil Menon

Nikhil is an assistant professor of civil engineering at Penn State Harrisburg. Menon's research interests lie in the areas of transportation and urban mobility – specifically in emerging mobility (autonomous vehicles, and new mobility services), travel behavior, sustainable transportation planning, and transportation system impact on equity, health, and well-being.

Outside of work, Menon enjoys long-form, cooking, travel, and agonizing over Manchester United.

Alain Izabayo

Alain is an undergraduate student majoring in Civil Engineering at Penn State Harrisburg, expecting to graduate in August of 2022. Some of his areas of interest include traffic analysis and planning, active transportation, signal systems and ITS, transit and emerging technologies. His most recent research project has been on evaluating the possibility of improving airport capacity and efficiency through satellite gates and autonomous cars on the airside.

Aside from studies and research, Alain enjoys biking, hiking, poetry, and playing volleyball and soccer. Alain is currently employed as a Transportation Analyst at Kittelson & Associates, Inc. at Harrisburg, PA.